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Andrew Thomas
11 April 2024 | Andrew Thomas

The Real Review Top Wineries of Australia

We are delighted to announce that Thomas Wines has been listed again in the updated Top Wineries of Australia for 2024 by the respected wine critique website, The Real Review.

"We review around 10,000 wines each year, and are delighted to see so many wineries producing wines of outstanding quality. The Real Review Top Wineries Certificate is awarded to a select group of wineries that consistently produce excellent wine. The Top Wineries list is a national benchmark that shows where your favourite winery is placed amongst its peers."
Huon Hooke, The Real Review

With over 2500 wine brands in Australia, we have been included at number 89 in the updated list for 2024, up 25 places from our position in the inaugural 2023 Top Wineries of Australia list.



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