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Member's Selection

Member's Selection is for Members that love to tailor their wine deliveries to suit their cellar and palates.

Two dozen wines annually.
Select your own wines - it's your choice.
15% Membership discount.


Select a dozen of your favourite wines.

We'll send you an email in April and August; either do nothing and we’ll send you your previously selected dozen wines or update your selected dozen to take advantage of the new release Shiraz in May, and new release Semillon in September. We'll then charge your card,  applying your 15% Member's discount and deliver your wines freight free to your door.

Your Membership is a minimum 12 months and two dozen premium wine.

Your Member's Selection benefits include

** In joining Member's Selection you agree to select and receive a minimum one dozen wines in May and minimum one dozen wines in September and to the Wine Club Terms & Conditions.

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