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Leesa Mealing
2 July 2024 | Leesa Mealing

Is it a Case of Déjà Vu?

Déjà vu is the phenomenon of feeling as though one has lived through the present situation before. In the case of our 2023 Shiraz Pinot blend, this region has indeed seen it before...

Blending Hunter-grown Shiraz with Hunter-grown Pinot Noir is not a new concept and any winemaker worth their salt in this region will be able to provide you with some context that stretches back to the heydays days of Maurice O’Shea. 

The 20th century Hunter Valley winemaker, considered the Father of Australian winemaking, helped Pinot Noir to become one of, if not the, the most planted red varietals in the region during the 1960s.

The medium bodied blend of Hunter Valley Shiraz and Pinot Noir is a wine style of which O’Shea himself is most famous for - aka Hunter River Burgandy -  and some of O’Shea’s wines from the 1940s and 50s are regarded as some of the finest Australian wines ever made.

Thommo and Dan’s contribution to this category for Thomas Wines is inspired by Hunter Valley winemaking legends such as the aforementioned Maurice O’Shea and of course the late Murray Tyrrell whose 1976 Vat 6 Pinot Noir was acclaimed the best wine in the world in 1979.

This is a modern spin on the traditional Shiraz Pinot Noir blends of days gone by. The name “DJV” refers to the feeling of déja vu that you may well experience when tasting this wine, and is our tribute to the traditional “Hunter River Burgundy” style.

With only 270 dozen bottles produced, less than 2500L, you can be sure the 2023 DJV Shiraz Pinot won’t last long!



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