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The Sweet Treat

The Sweet Treat

Calling all sweet wine lovers! We have two delightful options for anyone who enjoys a sweeter sip.

The gift pack includes two wines: the 2023 Six Degrees Semillon - an off-dry wine bursting with hints of citrus blossom and green apple. And we can't forget the 2023 Elevage Semillon, a dessert-style Hunter Valley Semillon that will tantalize your taste buds with its lifted marmalade citrus fruit and luscious sweetness. Cheers to indulging in these exquisite wines!


Winemaker's Comments

Hunter Valley Semillon is one of the world's most uniquely regional wine styles. This is a very new and exciting style for Hunter Semillon, being made as an ‘off dry’ style. First produced in 2008, the inspiration being my love of the German Rieslings from the Mosel made in a similar style.

Relatively early hand-picked fruit from the Braemore vineyard, the delicate juice was cool fermented with the fermentation arrested before completion. This technique has produced a wine containing some natural residual sugar and a correspondingly low level of alcohol. The key to this style is achieving the perfect balance between the residual sweetness and the fine line of citrus-like acidity to ensure the wine finishes crisp, clean and fresh.

Tasting Notes

Vibrant pale straw/green colour in the glass, the perfume immediately affirms a wine of vitality and freshness. The aromas are of Thai spice, citrus blossom and green apple, while flavours rush across the palate with refreshing acidity dragging crisp, gently sweet citrus fruit flavours along for the ride. The balance of acidity and gentle sweetness make for a wonderfully (and rapidly!) drinkable wine, set for warm days, good times, and spicy foods.


Winemaker's Comments

A ‘dessert style’ Hunter Valley Semillon, the elevated sweetness has been achieved using technology (reverse osmosis) rather than botrytis (noble rot), where we actually extract some of the water component from the juice thereby increasing the natural sweetness to a level needed for this style of wine prior to fermentation. The juice then undergoes a relatively long, cool fermentation and we stop fermentation when the alcohol level has reached approximately 10 - 11%, leaving around 7 Beaumé of residual sweetness in the wine. Unlike the sweet wines of some other regions, we don’t use oak to mature the wine and it is bottled early to maintain its freshness.

A wine to savour as a youngster, however it will develop extra depth and complexity with some time in the cellar.
Presented in 500mL bottles

Tasting Notes

Medium lemon straw in colour, this will deepen with time in the cellar. Whilst light in alcohol yet full in textural viscosity, this wine is rich and voluptuous, packed with ripe tropical fruits, lemon sherbet, and candied pineapple notes. The finish is long and luscious yet quite refreshing on the finish with its elevated citrus-like acidity providing a beautifully balanced wine. 

Not just a wine to be enjoyed at the end of the meal with a delicious dessert, it is equally suited as an aperitif and is also a perfect match with blue cheese.

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