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Rowena Henderson
28 June 2019 | Rowena Henderson

Let's talk dirty - our Single Vineyard Shiraz Tasting

Thomas Wines specialises in Semillon & Shiraz, proudly producing only these two signature Hunter Valley varieties.

A tasting with us digs deep ... it takes you on a focused journey of the Hunter Valley through the soils, their textures & colours, discussing how these affect the resultant range of single vineyard Semillon & Shiraz on offer.

If you take note when driving around the valley you will see the colours & textures of the soils vary quite considerably.

The flats of the Hunter Valley are ancient river courses with pale, sandy alluvial soils. These flats offer perfect conditions for growing Semillon.

In contrast, as a general rule, you'll see the soil on the hills is darker, crumbly, clay loam with rich red & chocolate overtones, perfect shiraz growing country. 

Our Single Vineyard Tasting includes maps, soil samples & of course our Single Vineyard wines. It offers a visual explanation as to the varying aromas, flavours & textures of Semillon & Shiraz when grown on different sites throughout the Valley.

Our Single Vineyard tasting currently includes three Single Vineyard premium Semillon and seven Single Vineyard premium Shiraz. The seated tasting takes approximately 45 minutes; the fee is $15pp but we'll only charge you this fee if you can't find a bottle (or 12) from our Single Vineyard range to purchase at the end of the tasting.

Bookings and prepayment of (an unredeemable) $15pp apply for groups of six or more.


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