The 2013 reds are all now safely in bottle

By July 18, 2014Uncategorized

Today sees the last of our 2013 reds go to bottle, with Kiss shiraz going down the line this afternoon. I’m extremely pleased with how all of these wines have shaped up during their time in oak over the last 15 months, and am looking forward to their release next May (2015).

The DJV shiraz was actually bottled in January, as this (intentionally) lighter bodied ‘Hunter River Burgundy’ style is matured in older oak and doesn’t need (nor benefit from) the extended barrel maturation like the more contemporary Hunter styles. Every year we learn ore about how to perfect this wine, particularly with regard to the semillon verjuice co-fermentation, and I think this is the best vintage we have produced to date.

Unfortunately there will be no 2013 Motel Block (again…), but Sweetwater, Elenay (yes, we’ve made another one) and Kiss shiraz are all looking outstanding, similar in style to the 2010 vintage.

Due to the extremely ‘challenging’ red vintage in 2012 we will not be releasing any Hunter shiraz from that year, and the 2011 vintage (particularly Kiss shiraz) stocks are getting quite low, so make sure you stock up before they sell out.

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