Our amazing 2014 reds are due for release Saturday 7th May 2016

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There’s a fair bit of new stuff going on in my life at the moment….
A new child, a new cellar door, and just as I’ve completed my 30th consecutive Hunter Valley vintage, I’m about to release probably the best range of shiraz that I’ve made in all of my time up here.
The first weekend of May is my annual new vintage shiraz release date, and this year is all the more exciting with the release of the highly anticipated 2014 vintage reds. Bring on the 7th May….!!

There’s talk of 2014 being the best vintage since 1965. Well I was only just a twinkle in my old man’s eye back then, but it’s safe to say that 2014 is certainly a ‘once or twice in a generation’ kind of vintage.
Warm without being stinking hot.
Dry without being in drought.
The wines are certainly in the fuller end of the medium bodied spectrum, but there’s a real ‘juicyness’ to the fruit and amazing silky/supple tannins giving these wines the structure for excellent early drinking appeal, as well as remarkable longevity. I would love to have seen those 65’s on release…..

I’m sure you would have seen some 2014 Hunter reds already. Probably noticed some fairly significant prices from many producers taking advantage of a highly anticipated vintage. I’m pleased to report that whilst I have made a slight rise for 2014 Kiss (from $60 to $75 – the first price rise for about 5 years), I have maintained my usual pricing on all of the other wines in the range. I certainly don’t mind being known as offering some of the best quality Hunter Valley wines as well as the best value for money.
The Hunter is all about light and shade, and I wonder how some of these wines being priced at $100-$150-$200+ per bottle will sell when we move onto a leaner vintage (such as 2015). I want my customers to buy my wines every year, not just the awesome years…..

Over to you. Enjoy….


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